Accident Insurance Card

1st Year – 4th Year Students of All Schools and 5th Year Students of Architecture Department, School of Architecture, please contact One Stop Service at Building A3, Floor 1, to collect your Accidental Insurance Card.

In case of Accident

In case of accident, students are able to receive medical care from any hospitals.

To receive care at a Private Hospital, students must presents an accident insurance card on arrival at the hospital.

To receive care at a Public Hospital or at a hospital where an accident insurance card is not accepted, students must make advance payment for medical care. For reimbursement, please submit the following documents at One Stop Service, Floor 1, Building A6.

  • Doctor’s Certificate, Original Copy Only
  • Hospital Receipt, Original Copy Only
  • National Identification Card/Passport
  • 1st Page of Bankbook

**Accident Insurance Coverage is 30,000 Baht per case**

Students at City Campus, please collect your Accident Insurance Card and file for an accident insurance claim/reimbursement at One Stop Service, Floor 1, Building 3.

For more information, please email us (during the semester break) at